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• Our recruiting months is August/September. Apply online from 1st August

• Our harvest season is split up into 3 parts; pre-harvest season (15 Sept-10 Nov), cherry harvest season (10 Nov - 5 Jan), post-harvest season (15 Jan - 30 March), all dates can vary depending on the weather.

• Our Cherry Harvest Season is in the months of November, December and early January.

There are 6 different employment position types available, a brief description of each position is included below.  

Cherry Picking Harvest Employee 

Cherry picking is strenuous and physically challenging, it requires a good level of health and fitness. It involves a small amount of ladder work and carrying picking buckets with fruit that can weigh up to 7-8kg, but feel like 20kg by the end of the day! The most successful cherry pickers are consistent, motivated, meticulous and hard-working. They can achieve anything from 20 to 65 lugs per day.

Packing Shed Harvest Employee 

Cherry packing involves visually assessing the quality of cherries passing over conveyor belts by separating the blemished cherries from the high-quality cherries. Employee duties may also include making, bagging, putting lids on or stacking boxes. Cherry packing is less physically demanding than picking, however requires good concentration and standing for long periods of time.

Gator and Outdoor Employee 

Gator and Orchard Harvest Employees operate machinery across the farm and are responsible for various duties; including recording and collecting fruit from the orchard. This position requires people to be mature, responsible and have good communication skills.

Tree Pruning Employee 

Tree Pruning Employees are responsible for the effective pruning of our cherry trees utilising electric, manual or pneumatic safety pruning equipment. Holding a chainsaw licence is preferred for this position but not required.

Forklift Driver Employee 

Forklift Drivers operate machinery at the packing shed. This position requires people to have previous warehouse experience in a busy environment and be competent in operating machinery with an appropriate licence.

MR (Medium Rigid) Driver Employee

MR (Medium Rigid) truck drivers transport cherries over short distances from another orchard to the packing shed. This position requires people to have previous experience and the appropriate licence.

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