"After our farm's beauty sleep in the winter months, it comes to life with rows and rows of stunning cherry blossoms." ~Lucinda Burgess

Our Soil, Tree & Fruit Nutrition

Good soil depth, soil texture and soil water-holding capacities are important factors in providing sustenance to our trees during their growth. We use organic fertilisers and natural water retention techniques which allow for better photosynthesis and consequently facilitating larger, sweeter and crunchier fruit.

A cherry tree is a flowering deciduous tree that bears fruit. It sheds its leaves annually in Autumn, a very attractive time of the year, it then becomes dormant over the Winter months which is like its “beauty sleep” to reset for beautiful flowering in Spring and fruits in Summer. The cherry blossom in September is very short and only lasts for a window of approximately two weeks. The rows and rows of white blossom are stunning in the glistening sun and the buzzing of bees can be heard as they go about their busy day pollinating the blossom.

Our cherry trees are pruned and maintained to a safe working height requiring minimal ladder work for our harvest Employees. It is important for the trees to be pruned to allow light into the trees for photosynthesis and encourage lush green foliage to protect the fruit from the harsh rays of sun, providing optimum growing conditions. The Orchards are all irrigated to provide consistent moisture levels maintaining tree and fruit health.

Our Quality Assurance & Food Safety

We have an imperative responsibility to you the Consumer to ensure our product that is intended for consumption is both wholesome and safe. There are many factors routinely quantified throughout our whole process to ensure the product is safe for consumption and is of our finest quality. 

Quality control procedures are in place throughout the whole process to ensure the fruit is consistently at a high quality standard when received by the Consumer. We adhere to the Freshcare codes and HARPS accreditation and are independently audited to these codes annually. 

The monitoring programs are integrated throughout the whole process from soil, irrigation, pollination, to picking, packing and transport to the market.

To ensure quality and freshness we also consistently test Cherries for natural sugar levels, firmness and temperature.

We have a comprehensive traceability model that we can trace fruit from the box back to the orchard and block where it was hand picked.

Our Fruit Grading Technology Partner

It has been our mission to find the most reliable and effective technology solutions for the sorting of our Cherries, so that we could provide the finest of finest Cherries to our Consumer. Trevor and Lucinda travelled to America to see multiple state of the art packing facilities. It was here that we saw one of Unitec’s remarkable cherry sorting machines in action.

In 2016, our Unitec cherry sorting machine, was the first 16 lane machine in Australia. Cherry Vision Unitec Technology is Unitec’s exclusive equipment for the detection of the internal and external quality of Cherries. It enables the detection of softness, defects, colour and size. This machine is able to provide our Consumers with the finest of our Cherries.

We are proud to say that we have an established relationship with the Team at Unitec and appreciate the continued support to ensure we produce the finest quality, delectable cherries fresh to the Consumer.

Our Marketing & Sales Partner/s

We supply ‘Hallmark Cherries’ to the wholesale markets in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
We are closely aligned with our Marketing & Sales partners 'Sinclair & Antico' and 'Hansen Orchards'.

Sinclair & Antico are based in Sydney Markets and supply 'Hallmark Cherries' to retail outlets and supermarket chains across Sydney and the surrounds.

'Hansen Orchards' are leaders in their field of exporting fresh fruit including our Cherries globally.

Hallmark Cherries value these longstanding relationships.

Our Partners

We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside organisations that share our vision and provide ongoing support in partnership with us to ensure we continue to produce the finest quality, delectable cherries fresh to the Consumer.

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